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How to Pick Winning Stocks — 3 Frameworks From the World's Top Investors

In this article, we breakdown three frameworks from Warren Buffett, Peter Thiel, and Geoffrey Moore.

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Lemonade Plans to Disrupt the $5 Trillion Insurance Market. Can They Pull it Off?

In this article, we breakdown what Lemonade does, its business model, and its key operating metrics.

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🏠Long Zillow. Short Real Estate Agents😔

A deep dive on Zillow's new(ish) ambitions, and what the future of real estate might look like.

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How Netflix Crushed Its Competition (The Full Story)

In this article, we breakdown Netflix's origins, its business model, and how — by taking more swings than anybody — became a $245 billion juggernaut.

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Affirm — 3 Big Things Every Investor Should Know

In this article, we breakdown what Affirm does, its business model, and its key business metrics.

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Chart Update: Beyond Meat ($BYND)

We first wrote about Beyond Meat on November 12th. After a brief rally, the stock is again testing support at $120. 👉The blue-dotted horizontal line is Beyond Meat's current price. Beyond Meat ($BYND) | Alternative ProteinsCurrently, Beyond Meat is holding the $120 support level. If $120 fails, look for a fall