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Seeking Investors for Perilous Journey...

Prepare for:

  • Frequent failure
  • Vomit-inducing volatility
  • Ridicule from fellow investors
  • Long years of underperformance

But it's not all bad news.....

There's a small chance for acclaim, honor, a fat bank account, and Twitter threads decoding your success.

Sound like your cup of tea???


Join us on our journey as we breakdown and cover the companies and trends shaping our future.  

A few examples:

Don't miss your chance to gloat to your 15-person text group when you can explain to them how Coinbase is building a digitally-native financial system using end-to-end infrastructure that will help millions of people buy, store, and use crypto assets😉

Become part of the enlightened (sarcasm🙄)

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Featured Posts

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How to Pick Winning Stocks — 3 Frameworks From the World's Top Investors

In this article, we breakdown three frameworks from Warren Buffett, Peter Thiel, and Geoffrey Moore.

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Lemonade Plans to Disrupt the $5 Trillion Insurance Market. Can They Pull it Off?

In this article, we breakdown what Lemonade does, its business model, and its key operating metrics.

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🏠Long Zillow. Short Real Estate Agents😔

A deep dive on Zillow's new(ish) ambitions, and what the future of real estate might look like.

Recent Posts

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How Netflix Crushed Its Competition (The Full Story)

In this article, we breakdown Netflix's origins, its business model, and how — by taking more swings than anybody — became a $245 billion juggernaut.

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Affirm — 3 Big Things Every Investor Should Know

In this article, we breakdown what Affirm does, its business model, and its key business metrics.

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Chart Update: Beyond Meat ($BYND)

We first wrote about Beyond Meat on November 12th. After a brief rally, the stock is again testing support at $120. 👉The blue-dotted horizontal line is Beyond Meat's current price. Beyond Meat ($BYND) | Alternative ProteinsCurrently, Beyond Meat is holding the $120 support level. If $120 fails, look for a fall